Sacha Carina


Name: Sacha Carina van Ginhoven

Title: Design Engineer –  Ir./Master of Science.

Nationality: Dutch

Occupation: Design Engineer – Google.

LinkedIn: Sacha Carina van Ginhoven

City: Amsterdam/Dublin

As an Engineer, I want to have a positive impact on society. A strong interest in culture, behavior, aesthetics and technology have led to various successful projects with a high impact: The development of tech-based addresses with Google, The design of sanitation in an African slum (TNT) and set up a network of drones for healthcare with amongst others GAVI (Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation).

“The future belongs to those who believe in beauty” – Mr.Leopard


Hi Sacha,

Your site is really inspiring. I’m a student at Cambridge in the UK and currently working on an idea for a social enterprise in Kibera with a few students. Would you have time to talk in the coming week about what has worked and hasn’t worked for you?


posted by Emily Tabak / 02.16.13 - 3:56 PM

Hi Sacha
Love your website – everything about it is fresh!
I was at the League of Social Intrapreneurs event on 9thApril when you won the competition – many congratulations!! Gib Bulloch has spoken at a number of our events hence the connection to the Social Intrapreneurs competition.
I am creating World Changers, an initiative we are developing through Centre for Social Brilliance ( – currently being updated) and Future Business World Changers is a programme to ignite more people into social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Alongside the programme we are looking to develop a social impact fund to enable more social business initiatives to launch and scale.
If you feel called to have a chat, I would love to hear more about the TNT Express initiative and also more generally about what you are up to and share some of our plans and initiatives. At the very core of World Changers is the potential to unleash the brilliance that we know exists in people and societies everywhere, which is why I resonated with your initiative at TNT.
It would be lovely to speak with you.

posted by Jackie Thoms / 06.10.13 - 11:08 AM

Dear Carina,

I am contacting you from Santiago, Chile. I ´ve been working in Social Responsibility projects for more than 7 years. I woul be very pleased if you can send me some mail to ask you some questions, as I read you have been recently in Mexico and now