Article the Guardian: Delivering value to slum businesses

Millions of small businesses exist in slums worldwide. Most of them do not have formally recognised addresses, which makes it difficult to send and receive goods. An address can enable local stores to rise above poverty by connecting their business to a larger market. TNT's commitment to act as a ...

Article Intellecap: Logistics Support for Slum Businesses

In October 2011, van Ginhoven led a team from TNT to study logistics support in Dharavi and found that while these businesses had addresses, they were not easy to locate in the maze of busy and narrow lanes. Delivery people often had to go by landmarks or ask for directions. ... Local Field Research Dharavi Slum

The website shows a vivid update of  a 3-weeks local field research in Dharavi, Mumbai slum. The research has been led by TNT's CR department (Sacha van Ginhoven) with support from Master of Science graduation student from Delft University of Technology. sanitation in Kibera slum

The blog shows the overview of a 2 month local field research in Kibera slum. Within a team of five master students (Industrial Design Engineering), we have developed a supply chain solution for sanitation in Silanga Village, an area in Kibera, which is Africa’s second-largest urban slum. ...

Kenya, Nairobi, Kibera slum sanitation research

Kenya, Nairobi, Kibera slum research photos

Researcher and consultant for Swedish based company Peepoople, who have developed an innovative biodegradable sanitation sachet. Responsible for the design and implementation of a sanitation system in Kibera, a Nairobi slum. No sewerage system exists and people are suffering from diseases spread through open defecation. Two months of ...

meet & greet with the Dutch King: winners of UNICEF competition

Together with a team of students from Delft University of Technology, we won a competition written out by UNICEF: design of water and sanitation solutions. We have developed a concrete concept that gives instant sanitation to urban slums and refugee camps: the only thing needed is a foldable cardboard 'toilet'. Concept ...

Article AD (Dutch national newspaper): sanitation bag for a better world

The future of the remote control: Philips design

Design assignment for Phillips: design the future remote control for music players.

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