Winner Ashoka League of Intrapreneurs competition

April 9 was a day for the unsung heroes driving change within large corporations – either by shifting development challenges up their CEO’s agendas or bringing the expertise (and/or budget) of a multi-national to bear on identifying and solving a specific social problem.  These are the Social Intrapreneurs, and at an awards ceremony in London, Bill Drayton, President of Ashoka, and Olly Benzecry, Managing Director of Accenture UK, announced the four winners of the Ashoka Changemakers “League of Intrapreneurs” Competition.

The four winners are Aparecida Teixeira de Morais – Tribanco (Part of the Martins Group), Graham Simpson – GSK, Sacha Carina van Ginhoven – TNT Express and Mandar Apte, Shell International.

Published on May 17, 2013
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